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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-201221世纪大学英语应用型综合教程3汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 邬丽宏; 王凯; 左娟; 杨雪
Jan-201321世纪大学英语应用型综合教程4汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 余芳; 周嫚; 郭婧; 杨淑芬
Aug-201221世纪大学英语应用型综合教程教学参考书3(上)汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 邬丽宏; 王凯; 左娟; 杨雪
Aug-201221世纪大学英语应用型综合教程教学参考书3(下)汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 邬丽宏; 王凯; 左娟; 杨雪
Jan-201321世纪大学英语应用型综合教程教学参考书4(上)汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 余芳; 周嫚; 郭婧; 杨淑芬
Jan-201321世纪大学英语应用型综合教程教学参考书4(下)汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 余芳; 周嫚; 郭婧; 杨淑芬
Aug-201221世纪大学英语应用型自主练习3汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 左娟; 杨雪; 邬丽宏; 王凯
Jan-201321世纪大学英语应用型自主练习4汪榕培; 石坚; 邹申总; 余芳; 周嫚; 郭靖; 杨淑芬
Jan-201430分钟快速表现:室内设计游娟; 魏瑛; 王艳丽
Aug-20163ds Max/Vray环境艺术教程王志武
2016Analysis of Character Convergence of Jiangnan Ancient Towns雷云尧
2012Analysis of Physical Health Care Education in Common Colleges--Enhancing Students' Physical Health Care Knowledge Learning and Cultivating the Lifelong Physical Education and Scientific Exercise Consciousness肖艳芬
2016Analysis on the Integration of In-and-out of Physical Education Class in Private Universities in the New Era肖艳芬
May-2017Android平台加密算法及系统实现苏莹; 蔡芳
2010Application of Intelligent Building Information Integrated System in Star Hotel程海英
2011Application the Task-driving Teaching Model in the Course Design of Data Structure程海英
2014Applying virtual reality technology to architectural design teaching李茜